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List/Combo Boxes
ActiveX Controls

RETIRED! September 2009

I have officially retired from all things Access. Please do not send Email requesting support as I will not respond.


Keep all of your questions to the Newsgroups where everyone will benefit!




The following items cover topics related to Access Reports and their use.

PrintLines - Create Vertical lines, Borders and boxes with VBA code. Also contains function, MakeMemoFit, to force the contents of a Memo field to fit within a fixed size TextBox control.

Updated Ver. 4.0 JustiDirect is a database containing Functions to produce fully justified text within standard TextBox controls on your Reports. Allows a standard Access TextBox, bound to a Memo field to not only produce fully justified text, but use the CanGrow/CanShrink properties as well.

Baseline - Print Fonts of different sizes on the same BaseLine.

MakeFitSingle - Forces the single line contents of TextBox to fit in a fixed size control.

LeaderDots is a database containing functions to allow a user to fill in the space between 2 controls with leading dots. ie. Pop.....$.99

ControlReports is a database containing functions to allow the developer programmatic control of the Report Print Preview Window. Specifically you can access the ZOOM and Current Page Number Controls.

Lady is a database containing functions to allow the developer to mix Bold and Plain formatting within a single Control. Demonstrates how to use the Print method of the Report object.

LineSpacingA2K is a database containing a function to allow the LineSpacing property to function within a CanGrow/CanShrink environment. Access 2000 only! Hack for A97 included.

ReportDrawCircles is a database containing a function to resize a Circle contained within an Image Control to fit overtop a Textbox control...to circle a choice!

ReportUtilities New OPEN Version!  A suite of utilities to enhance the Report generating ability of Access. Includes functionality export a Report to Microsoft Word as an exact duplicate of the original Report, including all formatting and graphical elements. Also includes ability to print multiple pages per single output page.

VerticalJustificationA2K is a database containing a function to allow for vertical centering of the contents of a Label or TextBox control. Works with both Forms and Reports. Access 2000 only! 

LastGroupHeaderFooter is a database containing functions to allow you to track the positions of the GroupHeader and Footer sections in order to place text directly in the last Group Header or Group Footer section on each page. Supports multiple columns.

SetColorBitmap is a database containing a Report that demonstrates how to change the colors of a Bitmap conditionally. 

TextHeightWidth is a replacement for the Report object's TextWidth and TextHeight methods. It is multiline aware and can work in both Report and Form views.

My Raw NewsGroup Postings concerning Reports.

Make selected parts of a concatenated Control Bold or Italic. Or can I make the first part of a string Bold and the rest normal.

I'm having trouble with the Has Continued property


Make selected parts of a concatenated Control Bold or Italic. Or can I make the first part of a string Bold and the rest normal.

Lady wrote
> Is there a way to bold just part of a concatenated field.
> Ex:  =[LastName]&", "&[FirstName]
> Could this be done and have the [LastName] ONLY bolded in a report???

I was brought up to never say NO to a Lady. :-) <gd&R>

' Written by Stephen Lebans 1999
' macarthu@nbnet.nb.ca
Private Sub Detail_Format(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer)

Const TWIPS = 1
Dim strFirst As String
Dim strLast As String
Dim intPosition As Integer
Dim CtlDetail As Control
Dim intMargin As Integer

' I'll leave in Italic and Color
' in case you want to use these
Dim oldFontBold As Integer
Dim oldFontItalic As Integer
Dim oldForeColor As Long
Dim oldFontName As String
Dim oldfontsize As Integer
Dim oldScaleMode As Integer

'Save current Font settings
With Me
    oldFontItalic = .FontItalic
    oldFontBold = .FontBold
    oldForeColor = .ForeColor
    oldFontName = .FontName
    oldfontsize = .fontsize

    oldScaleMode = .ScaleMode
End With

' Set Margin for Border we will draw
' around your concatenated control.
intMargin = 60

' Remember for this sample I am
' naming your control tblady. You MUST
' change the name here to match that of the actual control. Also
' I assumed the control source is exactly as you posted to the NG
' =[LastName]&", "&[FirstName]
' OK lets find your control and seperate
' the concatenated field.
' for each control in details control
For Each CtlDetail In Me.Section(acDetail).Controls
    If CtlDetail.name = "tbLady" Then
        With CtlDetail
            .Visible = False
            intPosition = InStr(1, .Value, ",")
            strLast = Left(.Value, intPosition - 1)
            strFirst = Mid(.Value, intPosition + 2)
            Debug.Print strLast
            Debug.Print strFirst

        End With

        With Me
            ' Make sure we are in Twips
            .ScaleMode = TWIPS

            ' Grab Controls current Font settings
            .FontName = CtlDetail.FontName
            .fontsize = CtlDetail.fontsize

            ' Create desired Font settings
            ' for the Last Name - Bold Text
            .FontBold = True
            '.FontItalic = True
            '.ForeColor = RGB(255, 0, 0) 'RED
            .CurrentX = CtlDetail.Left
            .CurrentY = CtlDetail.Top
            ' For some reason must be Me.Print not .Print
            Me.Print strLast;
            Me.Print ", ";

            ' Reset Font-> NO Bold for FirstName
            .FontBold = False
            '.FontItalic = False
            Me.Print strFirst

' Restore Reports original Font settings
.ScaleMode = oldScaleMode
.FontBold = oldFontBold
.FontItalic = oldFontItalic
.FontName = oldFontName
.fontsize = oldfontsize
.ForeColor = oldForeColor

End With

        With CtlDetail
         'While we are here lets draw a box around each field
         Me.Line ((.Left - intMargin), (.Top - intMargin))-Step((.Width
+ (intMargin * 2)), (.Height + (intMargin * 2))), 0, B
        End With
    End If

' Cleanup
Set CtlDetail = Nothing
End Sub



Has Continued Property

The Has Continued prop is no fun to work with. I have had good success
though using it from the Section Print Event on the next page.

Private Sub Detail_Print(Cancel As Integer, PrintCount As Integer)
If Me.Section(acDetail).HasContinued = True Then
Me.CurrentX = 10
Me.CurrentY = Me.Height / 2
Me.Print "....continued from previous page"
End If
End Sub

That would print the message in the current Detail Section. You probably
want it up in the Page Header. Just set CurrentY and CurrentX to
coordinates to match whatever section you want to print it in.

The opther option is to set a Global Flag back in the section as you see
it is going to become a WillContinue section and overflow to the next
page. In Access 97, any section that is going to become a
WillContinue(d)Section will be exactly 5 Twips shorter than the Control
that is causing the CanGrow  to continue on to the next page.




May 23, 2004 Product Update
Rich Text ActiveX control. Version 1.8

Click Here!


Mar 15, 2005 Product Update
MouseHook  Replaces the MouseWheel DLL subclassing solution. Turns On/Off the MouseWheel with one line of code. No DLL registration required. Now supports Logitech mice!

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