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VB ListBox

RETIRED! September 2009

I have officially retired from all things Access. Please do not send Email requesting support as I will not respond.


Keep all of your questions to the Newsgroups where everyone will benefit!



ListBoxColumnResize.zip is a Class that allows the user to resize the ColumnWidths of a ListBox at Runtime.Also supports an Autosizing method for the ColumnWidths.


Version 2.2 April 27/2002

Modified Columns AutoSizing method to work with both ListBox and Combo controls.


Version 2.1 April 10/2002

BUG FIX! I thought I had cleaned this bug from all of my code but I missed one instance. In Win9x this code will work 100% of the time: 

If lngIC > 0 Then    But in WinNT or higher the GDI object handles are full 32 bit values so they can be represented by the VB as negative values. The solution is to change the code to: If lngIC <> 0 Then

Version 2.0 April 9/2002

Added support for AUTOSIZING of ColumnWidths.


Version 1.9

First release


May 23, 2004 Product Update
Rich Text ActiveX control. Version 1.8

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Mar 15, 2005 Product Update
MouseHook  Replaces the MouseWheel DLL subclassing solution. Turns On/Off the MouseWheel with one line of code. No DLL registration required. Now supports Logitech mice!

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